Digital Marketing Strategy

For Political Campaigns

More Emails • More Donations • More Votes

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Generating Supporters?

Are you growing your email and text marketing lists?

Are you generating donations from your digital marketing?

Are you creating votes from your digital marketing efforts?

I Help You

Build A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Bigger Lists

Your digital marketing strategy will grow your text and email marketing list - ensuring a low-cost way to call your supporters to action. 

More Donations

Increasing donations will be one of the core initiatives of your digital marketing strategy. 

More Supporters

Growing support is the fundamental objective of your digital marketing strategy. I ensure it complements your political campaign. 

Simple Approach, Big Results

Image of Jesse Alaniz - Digital Marketing Expert

I'm Jesse. Let's talk about your digital marketing strategy. 



Understanding your campaign is key. I take a holistic approach to develop a digital marketing strategy. 



I create a customized plan that integrates sensibly within the overall campaign. This will likely include a digital marketing mix of website, social, email, and/or text marketing. 


With Purpose

Your campaign digital marketing strategy is deployed. Consistent communication is critical to ensuring a timely launch. 



The impact of your digital marketing is measured and improved upon. This positive feedback loop is meant to ensure more supporters for your political campaign. 

I Work With


I partner with new and seasoned candidates reach more supporters through their website, email marketing, text messaging, and Facebook advertising. 

Ballot Initiatives

I help ballot initiatives garner more support through digital marketing. 


Consultants looking to add another line of business to their firm or fulfill their client's needs can take advantage of my services.

I solve problems facing political campaigns.

Can I help you? I won't know until we have a conversation about your needs - so let's talk.

Results That Generate Support

Political campaigns new at digital marketing can waste precious dollars. I help candidates and campaign managers spend their dollars wisely - generating more support. 

Website Traffic

Many campaign managers are plagued with ineffective websites. With my help, your website traffic will soar and generate more supporters! 

The blue line is my work. ☻

Email Results

Most campaigns are plagued with a 20% email open rate. With my help, your email responses will skyrocket - reaching more supporters and donors. 

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

A lot of campaigns don't know where to start with their advertising. With me, your ads will reach the right audience at the right time - generating more support and donations!

I solve problems facing political campaigns.

Can I help you? I won't know until we have a conversation about your needs - so let's talk.